Thoughts on recent C9 changes

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Posted 9/4/2013 6:32:41 PM
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The updates that came along with Raebin made some significant changes

1- Enhancement changes- +3 necklaces and +3 earrings regen enough hp/mp that pots are a lot less necessary. Combined with the armor changes, characters last a lot longer in pve now, which is good since they're not giving away scrolls like free candy anymore. 

2 - Dungeon drops 2.0. The old economy, especially on US, *****ed, and the great stuff was way too expensive for NORMAL PEOPLE (as in, those of us not playing 8 hours a day).

Now it just feels like rare drops happen more often and of course there are the 60 perfect drops, and it looks like old costumes are being put back into the system more often (oriental, now crusader), making them obtainable and affordable.




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Posted 9/4/2013 7:31:15 PM
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well needless to say that webzen clearly is saying that the drops (rare and perfect gear) are necessary since the level cap increase players should move on from wearing perfect set and now switch to "master grade" gear starting with the armors. same goes with the level enhancement. the more difficult the dungeons are the more we need survivability by adjusting stat bounses on our equips.

I thought unique and master items were the hardest things to get or lets say 3 out of 10 players can have it. Same concept with other games that I played but now since master grade is just around the corner , why not alter the % crafting the master armors or maybe they just should put crating epic items rather the master. I feel like I am playing a private server in global server.

If other games uses full dodge and full def in PVE, here I do notice it's just all in the skills. Even if you don't have good gear as long you're skilled player you can finish the dungeon , it just take time.

See Hell Lunard Dungeon Before, just pure skill and UFS.

Because a lot of people demands too much so they just give what players wants (OPness).  I don't see their line of standards now.


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