AegisRick - Guardian PvP Skill Build Guide [Video]

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 Hey Guys I just want to start my own official discussion for a Strictly PvP Guardian Skill Build!

[This Page is a WIP]

What Is this?

After some 3 or 4 years of playing Guardian in PvP I have finally taken the time to make a skill build guide made STRICTLY for PvP. I hope this can help some players out who may be a little foggy on which skills are useful in PvP! In the video I talk about which skills NOT to get, as well as in depth reasoning for why I feel every skill I pick up is for either: Utility, Preference or Maxing!


Direct Link: AegisRick's PvP Guardian Skill Guide

Please Note*: Just as I state in the video DON'T take my word at face value. Why would one guys build and playstyle work for EVERYONE out there? So please just use this guide as a reference around building your own builds!

Who Am I?

My name is Rick, or SirRick in game and I have been playing guardian for nearly as long as C9 has been out in Korea. In my time there I got a lot of experience under my belt and was able to get a pretty decently high rank in my time over there despite of course there being slight lag issues because of the distance. I had a lot of fun there and got a taste of the game that not many out there have. I made some great and lasting friends over there some of which have already started helping the community for a long time now: such as ArkAwesome!

Now that Global C9 has released I have taken to helping players out as best I can with my youtube Channel and PM's in-game and I hope that I can help the forum goers as well!ESPECIALLY with things regarding GUARDIAN in C9 PVP! PM Me in-game with your quesitons! I'll be glad to help!

What Can You Do?

Please, I would Like to help out the community as much as possible. Please comment, like and rate on the video itself, but also make sure to reply here and in other places as well! Contact me on the channel or in-game, wherever, I'll be glad to help!

So with that being said Let's all talk Guardian PvP!

Skill Build in Word Form?

I worked hard on that video! Please check it out! But I do plan on doing this section for those who do not have the greatest internet connection or would rather like word form instead. Just at a later date. [WIP]


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