PvE Farming Illusionist vs Reaperess? +noob ?s

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Posted 9/25/2012 9:25:30 PM
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Hey all. I'm a noob. Wanted to main a Blade Dancer first until I found out it's not implemented yet, and loved the animations on the two Shaman classes, so wanted to go Illusionist or Reaperess while I park my Withblade.

Which one is easiest for farming: Illusionist vs Reaperess? Not sure if it's because of my fps lag and/or my poor mechanical skills (which will sadly hardly improve, and I try), but so far, I find Illusionist's Phantom Blade + Phanton Crush combo kind of hard to pull off well. Some fail kiting, and failing to detonate because apparently I can't instantly detonate Phantom Blade, and for some reason, spamming Shift Right Click sometimes doesn't work. I know it'll get easier when I get more skills, but wondering if Reaperess is somewhat easier mechanically to pull off for PvE farming.

Also, while I'm here, got some optional noob questions.

Inventory Slot Expansion from cash shop expand slots just for one character, or all character in account? I only found one thread saying it's for all characters, but I wanted to verify since most threads I google for are from Beta. For example, 140 coins either buys 6 slots for Character A only, or 6 slots for all characters A-Z in account.

At what level should I spend my gold on making/buying armor? Because I'm low, buying things are quite expensive. I thought quests would give me appropriate armor for my level faster than it currently is. I think 2 items are still lvl 10, and I'm 22. Spent 100K (bought some items in bulk) for materials to craft pants, finding out later, I get one from a quest >.< oops.

How the heck do the chat windows work? I can only get the main window to work, and I once got Chat 2 to somehow only show party chat by accident. I played an MMO where you can set filters on each chat window, so you can have one dediated for party, one dedicated for general and world, etc, but because Chat1-4 doesn't even show anything with default settings, and I only find the filtering to apply to chat in general, I have no idea how to work it the way I want it to.

Thanks! Much appreciated!

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Posted 9/26/2012 2:22:48 PM
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I haven't played Reaperess, but I can almost guarantee you it's faster/more fun than illusionist for PvE.

Inventory expands are per character.

I always upgrade gear on an as needed basis (with the exception of the weapon, because you can always stand to be killing faster). Just look at your budget and the prices on the auction house and figure out what works for you. PvE isn't too demanding, yet at the same time the money you have at low levels isn't very much compared to what you deal with end-game so no need to slow yourself down trying to save every penny

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Posted 9/26/2012 6:05:41 PM
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About the inventory expansion it will only affect one character not every character on your account.


When it comes to spending my money hmmm... Here's what I did at lvl 35 I  bought  the 35 hellset(eva) and crafted my 35 rare weapon(crit+str) I only changed equip at level 47 but you can also use the 35 set up to 57 if you can handle the damage of the mobs at the 4th continent

On farming... I'll go for the Reaper farming+pvp because of its iframe, superarmor, mobility and damage output.. I don't own an Illusionist but I have an Elemental Lord and I got bored on it for personal reasons


(solo player) (54 Reaperess)

I only go with groups during hell dungeons and party quest

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Posted 9/27/2012 12:38:26 PM
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Thanks you two for clearing things up! Really good advice. I got maybe 2-3 pieces of armor through quests when I was 3 levels passed the minimum, and I seemed decently tanky. Seems like if I just focus on damage, I'll grind out levels much faster, to end game when I can actually farm meaningful money. It's super hard for me, in any MMO I'm new at to ignore looting, and I find myself destroying crates and barrels, which is slowing down my leveling severely. I think it might be best for me to ignore looting, and just keep grinding instances, and if I'm not tanky enough for certain levels, just keep repeating the lower ones until I can clear safely. I started crafting, and it seems timely and expensive, and I feel like some items might be cheaper in auction. One thing that's hindering my level progression is lack of slots due to holding onto noob items, so I might just loot equipment to sell and gold, unless you think this is a bad idea.
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Posted 9/28/2012 10:34:12 AM
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Reaperess is ridiculously easy to play due to high skill speed, at least up until the 4th continent (level 50+).

Here's my advice; unless you want to actively pvp, do not waste any money on equipment.

You generally get enough parts/craft kits from quests until later levels.

At lvl35 get yourself the hell set and upgrade this to +4/+5. This set has equal stats to the rare 47 stuff and will provide you with enough def for quite a while.

Around lvl37 or so, through a quest in Volcanic underpath, you'll get lvl35 magic weapon craft kit.

If you have a bunch of adventure coins already, at 42 you can take the unique scythe to boost your damage without spending any gold. Once you reach 50, you can do the same again (the lvl50 unique scythe is insane).

I did the exact same thing and I saved up like 5mil because I didn't really have to buy anything.


About the chat; you can set which chat window displays what, in the options.

Either through; Esc -> Preferences -> Other -> Chat settings


Press Enter to start chat mode and click the ? button on the bottom left


Hope that helps you out.

If you are on EU server and need further help/want a guild, contact me ingame :)

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DjielGRD - lv50 Guardian
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Posted 9/29/2012 11:11:35 PM
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Thanks for this reply. Seems like PvE is easy enough so far. As for the chat windows, for some reason, only the main window works, so I dunno. Not a big deal. Maybe my client is broken. I'll be grinding in the meantime. I'll be back with more noob questions probably in my late 30s, lol. Thanks everyone for your replies.
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Posted 9/30/2012 1:45:28 AM
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the general chat will display all chat while chat2 will display guild chat only. chat 1 i guess will display normal chat.
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Posted 10/2/2012 9:52:10 AM
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As an Illusionist I can tell you we do not deliver as much damage as smoothly as a reaperess.

But on the plus side I've noticed I am quite tankier than a reaperess.

When I farm I just completely don't use phantom blade at all. [Which I may change later]

But I use Spark Swing then Phantom uppercut, dark calling, and phantom cry.

Usually that will kill them all off but if not, the cool downs aren't that long and you can just repeat.

I'm not sure if the reaperess has Phantom tornado or not but that is by far the best skill I have seen.

My fiance is a hunter so he will pull them all towards him and I'd cast my tornado and everything would die without a doubt.

But all in all a reaperess would definitely be a faster farmer ; but I like being a bit tanky. :D


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