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Posted 10/27/2012 2:16:04 PM
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Hello Mutizens

A lot of players  ask about build energy type Magic Gladiator. I will try to show You some basics of building eMG.

In the begining I will write that eMG isn’t PVP character , it’s always used for PVM. Very Fast PVM. When Webzen let players to rebuild stats and ML tree eMG is populary used for leveling other chars.

First i will say something about stats and sets, In second part I will write about staffs and weapons.

There are some common build for eMG.



1.     Gaion eMG

S: 492

A: 240

V: 100 (+40 vitality from Gaion set)

E: 2235

This type is built for Gaion set +0+10 (Armor, Pants, Boots, Pendant). This set let us to wear 2 rings, and gloves. Popular is to Anubis Gloves + Anubis ring (10% double damage) or use Excellent gloves +DD / Socket gloves +DD+HP+HPmax.

On master level (till You Get defence skill) energy elf is often needed.

Low defence of that build is reduced by Fast killing, double damage or excellent damage.


2.       Gaion eMG +9/11

S: 641 (for Gaion Armor +11)

A: 309

V: 100

E: 2017

This type of an eMG Has more defence than 1st build. Also it let eMG to AFK without using

HP pots or energy elf.


3.       Socket eMG

S: 323 (for Destroy Armor +15)

A: 289 (for Salamander Shield +15)

V: 100

E: 2255

This type of eMG allows to use pendant and two rings. It’s high defence char (according to +xx of set). In set with 3 sockets we can use DD+HP+HPmax on every item + Bonus in vitality.

Also we are able to get + 3% Double Damage rate + 1% ignore defence (socket system).



Deadly Staff +11+16 + Lightining (exc. Damage) + Ice (Mana) + Fire (Ag. Cost decrease)

Salamander shield +11+20+S+L + Water (DD) + Earth (Health) + Wind (Max life)


We are using all of seeds = BONUS 3% double damage rate from sockets.


4.       Kantata set eMG

S: 433 (for Kantata Armor +11)

A: 115 (for Staff like Deadly +13)

V: 100

E: 2319

Less Speed than Gaion eMG, disadvantage of using 2 kantata rings. Also cheaper than Gaion. Pendant can be used In that set. Doesn’t have Double Damage option.


5.       Garuda eMG

S: 290 (for Garuda Armor +11)

A: 115 (for Staff like Deadly +13)

V: 100

E: 2462

A lot of energy producing nice damage. Low % of Double Damage rate. 2 rings can be used.


6.       Agility eMG (used before when 400 level was the highest)

S: 290 (for Staff)

A: 1000

V: 100

E: 1673

Using DR set overrating low level mobs, very fast skills, and lot amount of AG. More disadvantages like lacking of Double Damage, low energy.



1.       eMG are well known of using Staff + second hand weapon with excellent options (Exc. Damage + Mana, Exc. Damage + Life, Mana + Life). Used for AFK and non repot.

2.       Some of eMGs use shield +DD+HP  - In case of lacking defence and decreasing a damage of mobs.

3.       Popular is to use 2 x Deadly Staff +3s (or Rune ***** Sword), what can be rewarded with 84% of AG decrease (2 fire seeds in every Deadly / RBS) or + 3% Double Damage rate.

4.       Deadly + Salamander as described above.

Socket system let us to combine with seeds which we need to our build.


Always the best we can afford + wizardry damage/ HP


Develop in accordance with the armor / set. Popular is to use first 50 points up on the defensive, and then according to your preferences.



Best regards

P.S. Please remember those are just basics of building eMG. Everyone should combine with stats according to their needs.


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Posted 11/5/2012 3:17:12 PM
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u forgot anubis+barnake emg (for me the best combination)

anubis armor-ring, barnake pants-boots

allow u use 1pend and 1 ring, also can use xscale gloves (10speed) and get 10% double dmg and 10%wizard dmg

in my case my emg got 31xx energy (rebirth), but a no rebirth emg can get 28xx energy (good dmg and 87 speed with pend+speed).


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Posted 11/5/2012 9:29:27 PM
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Marroq is right.

 After test i will update that.




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Posted 11/7/2012 6:24:44 AM
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jej =) one guide more need afk in all map?no lc XD i give my tips i am now smg no need... SET DESTROY or MAGIC NIGHT SET NEW +11+3sk+luck+bonus+ gloves anubis +ring , two staff dadly +bonus

build full energy emg  ._.  >>>>>>>

318 streng  (armor destroy +11 or for magic nigth new set)

380/400 agylidad  uhmm no less need speed

150 de vita  (is 1800hp+ for set sockets life 6% and earth)

2350 energy

uhmm destroy set OR MAGIC NIGTH need  bonus ( earth+wind+water bonus hp+29 or water earth wind bonus defensa +24 it es better for resistense map) need seed damage reduction it is important  3 pieces destroy give 3 double dmg rate+1%ignore defense+gloves anubis+ring you have = 13% double dmg rate+1%ignore defense

in staffs put xdmg +skill+45+ag reduction and xdmg+skil +wizard maximo+35 need deadly staff o miracle staff it is good+5sokets  especially if you do not use anciant gaion or other

need pend xdmg+lv/20 wizard

you can AFK IN KARUTAN 2



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Posted 11/7/2012 6:35:59 AM
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I will update it soon. That's going to be great guide.


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Posted 11/9/2012 11:05:21 AM
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what about enis(armor+pants+boot)+anubis(gloves+ring)

letts u get 1pend and 1 ring

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Posted 11/14/2012 11:28:16 AM
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1. 2 RBS vs 2 Deadly staffs - suggestions - pluses and minuses

2. What seeds?

Suggested in topic was:

1) 2 fire seeds in every Deadly/RBS


2) what for 3rd seed - any suggestions

(for Gaion EMG)

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Posted 11/14/2012 1:14:31 PM
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2x xdmg rate , 1x mana seed, 1x skill dmg increase.


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Posted 11/14/2012 10:46:55 PM
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People forgot about the Evis/Anubis EMG?^^


Also don´t forget my absolute favourite!!!!

Gaion+13 EMG. Yes you heard me right  :P


solo all day everyday everywhere=Kickass!!! :P

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Posted 11/15/2012 12:46:44 AM
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Thanks for replay about seeds. :)


But what about: what is better 2 RBS or 2 Deadly staffs and why?

I'am Gaion EMG.

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